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Hockley, Sam
Aug 23 10:16 AM EDT
Post #6
Last round of the Northern Trust today -- good luck to all those in contention. A reminder that this is week 11, making next week (BMW Championship) the last week of Session 1. Payouts for Session 1 are as follows: 1st - $575 2nd - $402.50 3rd - $172.50 Session 2 will begin with the Tour Championship weekend of Sep 4th. Please let myself or Frank D know if you are opting out of this session - remember, all total earnings will reset so it's anybody's game. More details soon.
Dano, Frank
Jun 11 11:56 AM EDT
Post #5
Alrighty gang. We have 29 confirmed players for this 1st segment. Prize structure will be: -25/week to the winner of that specific week -575 to 1st place for the segment -402.50 to 2nd place for the segment -172.50 to 3rd place for the segment Thanks again and may the best man/woman win!
Hockley, Sam
Jun 11 11:05 AM EDT
Post #4
That's awesome, John! Yes, we are digging this site. Thanks for everything so far. Myself/Frank will be posting final payout numbers shortly. Just confirming the last entrant who didn't get picks in still wants to play. Stay tuned, all!
Hohlen, John
Jun 10 9:40 PM EDT
Post #3
Sam - I'll turn the weekly prize setting for your league. Ties will be split. The site will compute total winnings for the season for each team. Pretty sweet, huh?
Hockley, Sam
Jun 10 9:40 PM EDT
Post #2
Dues are $50 per segment, all due immediately to me (Sam) via Venmo. Sam will send weekly payments and final prizes via Venmo. Thanks for taking care of this, and good luck to all! May the best aspiring pro tour fantasy golfer win!
Hockley, Sam
Jun 10 9:39 PM EDT
Post #1
A Note on Payouts: The overall winner of each week will receive a $25 prize for winning the week. In the event of a tie, the prize money will be split evenly across all who tie. Winners of each segment will be paid as follows: 1st place - 50% of remaining pot | 2nd place - 35% of remaining pot | 3rd place - 15% of remaining pot. Currently we have 26 registered players, so that breaks out to $500, $350, and $150. But we may have some late additions before the tournament starts tomorrow.